Piperlime Site Enhancements


Promo Placement

We created a clever way to have our promo's top of mind to the customer by locking it up to the top right of browser screen - available on all pages. When you first land on the page it exposes for a few seconds and slides back. The customer can easily reengage the drawer by clicking on the tab



Product Page

The product page as we would have loved to have seen it. Larger product photography that is easy to swipe through as well as a place to "shop the look." At the bottom of the page we incorporated a "you may also like section" as well as giving special promos & deals their own section.


Quick View

A seamless update to our quick view pop up - this experience doesn't interfere with the customers shopping path. A drawer would slide down once a customer engaged with the quick view link and they could add the item immediately to their bag. No more overlapping windows.


Shopping Bag Viewer

A self fulfilling invention I selfishly wanted a way to see what I had in my cart when building outfits. It's much easier to find the perfect skirt to go with your top when you can view it to the side of the sort. Building customers baskets one outfit at a time.


Style Concierge

A hypothetical take on what our Style Concierge landing page may look like after we had our service up and running. We would partner with key influencers that each had their own personal style to be tastemakers for our customers. Each stylist would have a VI banner with their chosen products below.


Top Nav Flyout

This was a solve from a marketing request to be able to push on categories / products in season that might need a little extra help. The top nav already garners the highest click through of anywhere on the page so this interaction proves successful.

Homepage Iterations

During the course of my 3 years at Piperlime we redesigned the homepage quit often. We preferred to test, learn & ideate when possible.