Homepage Explorations

Concepting, testing & learning is something we love to do at Old Navy!


Current Site Execution

Switching our site to responsive meant simplifying the overall look and feel of our content. Maintaining the very successful "table of contents" at the top of the page was mandatory. We've also discovered that utilizing direct-shop by division and direct category linking can increase engagement in major campaigns by up to 60%


Features Column Version

We utilized this homepage during the spring & summer months when we had significant need to surface multiple messages within the page. Creating this right-hand features column allowed us to have multiple messages above the fold; including our important new arrivals tile.

The table of contents at the top of the page offered a very editorial offering, helping us to hit some of our fashion storytelling goals.


Social Shopping Carousel

Following the same column layout for features proved to be an extremely modular and adaptable way to handle the shifts in hierarchy requirements from marketing.

Pixlee, our social shopping partner, was first implemented on this homepage. We've found that storytelling social like this can increase customer engagement and conversion by up to 2%. This carousel allowed for pop up where the shopper could add item to bag. A strategic interface we concepted for the Pixlee provider. No competitor had this functionality at the time. (Pop up shown under site enhancements)


Homepage Experience Initiatives

This concept contains several user experience initiatives that we wanted to test. A "deal of the day" flyout for daily promotional offerings was designed to be prominent, yet subtler than the previous "disruptor" that covered half the content unless the customer opted out.

A personalized "This just in" carousel featured products our customer had recently expressed interest in, or equivalent merchandise from past purchase behavior. The + allows shoppers to see a few more rows if they desired.

"More to shop. More to love." is just that - more content the customers can engage in if the major stories don't grab them. This strategy was so successful in alleviating dead-end shopping, that we implemented it across-the-board on all division pages, down to category pages.

A showcase panel that would surface a feed of our current social content. Customers that engage with us on social channels build brand allegiance and are more likely to become cross-channel shoppers.


Homepage Experience Initiatives

This was another iteration looking at ways to surface multiple messages within one container. The "Check back often" space gives the customer four stories to choose from per headline. Digestible bite-sized content has proven successful with high conversion and engagement with our customers.

This layout also showcases a panel surfacing a feed of our current social content, to help build brand allegiance and encourage cross-channel shopping.