Back to School

Let’s start a culture-changing movement where everyone is part of our squad. Challenge kids to be unlimited by creating the next dance/song phenomenon.


The OG Squad 

In researching what "kids these days" like and dislike about back to school shopping I interviewed my friend's son and a few of his closest friends - funny they were all girls. After about an hour and a half of cruising up and down the street recording our conversation, it was finally time for their parents to pick them up. I asked if I could take their pic and they immediately exclaimed "SQUAD" ran to the wall and posed in a dynamic, clearly practiced arrangement. I snapped the picture above and realized this was the beginning of what would be our back-to-school campaign.


We photographed real kids for this campaign. Each squad had their own preferred expression: band, dance, robotics, etc. Their strong personalities lead the campaign and their styling was fresh and authentic. We featured key categories on the homepage as that is exactly what moms & dads are looking for.  We also featured the dance squad on the next block complete with mesmerizing dance video routine.



We sent at least 20 back-to-school specific emails during this campaign. Each one had high impact and garnered strong engagement. The energy of the kids was addictive.

Boys Back to School Division Page

Boys Back to School Division Page

Girls Back to School Division Page

Girls Back to School Division Page

n. An informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity.