Store of the Future

The March campaign takes inspiration from a “Wish You Were Here” theme; a deliberate sync-up with our Modern Riviera collection. The goal is to be experiential and to invite our shopper to "take 15" out of her work day and feel transported to paradisio —


The entrance

A projector in the back will screen famous classic films shot on the French Riveria like Le Grand Bleu, And God Created Woman, and The Last Time I Saw Paris. Small details make the experience multi-sensory and memorable — from the first moment she enters (the store will smell like a bottle of Banana Boat tanning oil... yum) to that last transaction, where tucked inside her purchase is a custom-stamped “Wish You Were Here” postcard.


The visual treatments are designed to be multi-dimensional (e.g. paper cut-outs of tropical foliage and overlapping waves to set the mood), playful (e.g. gigantic wide-brimmed straw hats adorning mannequin heads, sandbox-themed product laydowns within the fixtures), and unexpected (painted wall treatments of a shoreline, dozens of fish bowls in the concierge cubicles with live goldfish and neon-colored rocks).