Identity / Branding


Peculiar Pair Press

Letterpress stationery studio I co-founded. The curly q's reprsented our whimsical take on creative and the text placement of "stationery" allowed us to supplement it with item numbers once printed on product. Other opportunities to interject voice in our logo were created on things like our business cards - "Put in wallet." The co-founders last names were the final touch.

Billy Diesel

A young energetic photographer wanted a mark that looked and felt cool. He was marketing modern brides and interesting commercial brands.


Dandelion Events

A simple mark based off of the name. Making a wish was a perfect match for an event planners business. 

MacArthur Station

A local t-shirt shop based in Oakland main product was t-shirts with bart destinations. The conductor was conceived as a throwback for this down home brand.


Marissa Trinidad Aroy

For a documentary film artist a nod to the camera lens was incorporated with strips mimicking the original film reals used in film making.



Nurture Landscape

Heather, the proprietor of Nurture Landscape wanted a mark that aligned with her business values; organic and simple. She was in love with vintage prints of botanicals, this being one of her favorites.


Providence Pediatrics

A pediatric center that was centered around faith and cared for young children wanted a mark that was warm, friendly and grounded in hope.



Molly & Michael Hawks opened their restaurant in 2007 when "farm to table" was a new idea! They wanted to provide rustic, organic meals to families that know dining together builds foundations and warms the heart and the home. It is now an acclaimed restaurant and still taking reservations in Granite Bay, Ca.

The Windsor Tie

A take on the W as a collar was a simple yet impactful approach to this mark for a tie company.


Michelle Walker Photography

A documentary style wedding photographer cut through the sea of overly feminine competitors when she started her business over 10 years ago. Her simple and modern approach has garnered hundreds of clients that appreciate her emotional photography style and her friendly, easy going attitude.

michelle walker.jpg