Holiday / 2015


Santa's Helper

This gifting execution was a clever and entertaining way to find the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. Answering a few short questions leads the shopper to the perfect suggestion! This interaction sat directly above the gifting sort. The helper addressed the potentially overwhelming holiday sort, by presenting a much smaller subset of gifts after the quiz was completed and a suggestion was revealed.

The Gifted List

When deciding how to showcase our top gifts for everyone in the family we went with an insort experience across the full family. Incorporating the editorial stylized gifting moments within the customers shopping journey was a key win. 

Santa's Helper Initial Concept

I started concepting for the Santa's Helper shopping experience on mobile. Customers are more likely to interact with a fun experience like this when they are wasting time on their phones. A clever game to lead the customer to the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. We took this concept and created an appropriate desktop experience that could live above the gifting sort.